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How much do I need?

Although our machines can supply exactly what your job requires we do need an idea of how much you are going to use. This ensures your delivery lorry has enough material on board to supply your needs.

What size are the mixers?

We have two sizes of machines supplying 6 cubic meters and 8 cubic meters.
They both measure 2.6m wide with the mirrors in, and 4m high

How long can I keep the mixer on site?

For deliveries of up to 3m3 we allow half an hour free of charge. For deliveries of over 3m3 we allow up to 45 minutes free of charge. If the allotted time is exceeded a charge of £100 + VAT is charged per hour, in 10 minute increments.

How do I pay for my concrete?

Our mixer operator will take a credit card, debit card, or cash payment after all your concrete has been delivered. That way you pay for exactly what you have. No overcharging.

How do I know you are supplying the correct grade and amount of concrete?

We have our own concrete tester who takes regular slump tests and on-site samples. These are then tested independently by Devon County Council Materials Laboratory for strength and density. Our machines are then calibrated regularly to ensure we deliver a consistent quality and the correct amount of concrete.

What is a volumetric mixer?

A volumetric mixer is a mobile batching plant. The raw materials are transported to site in separate compartments on the vehicle. When on site, the required mix design and slump are selected and the concrete production process starts. In minutes the fresh concrete can be discharged as a continuous flow or intermittent flow, and can be halted at any time. This gives the customer complete flexibility and control over the quantity received.

What are the benefits of a volumetric mixer rather than a drum mixer?

The volumetric will mix the exact amount you need whilst on site, this gives the following advantages:

  1. The mix is fresh and hasn’t been made back at a depot. This increases its working time on your site.
  2. You have the possibility of obtaining different strength mixes in the same visit.
  3. You only pay for what you need so there is no over or under ordering and paying extra charges for returned concrete.

Are there any hazards involved when handling concrete?

Yes. Wet concrete can cause severe burns and dermatitis. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes. Always wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves, goggles and footwear.

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