What grade and strength of concrete do I need for my project?

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Our P180 – equivalent to – Gen1 / C12-C15

This is used for Footings / Foundation Concrete with no embedded metal. Floor blinding / non-structural covering. Below slabs and screed. Kerb setting and path edging. Drainage.



Our P200 – equivalent to – Gen2 / C16 – C20

This is used for permanent internal surface floors with no embedded metal and for non structural mass concrete.

Our P220 – equivalent to – Gen 3 / C20-C25

This is used for Garage floors. Shed bases. Pumped footings.

Our P280 – equivalent to – C30 – C35

This is used for Column bases. Reinforced applications. Driveways. Pathways. Crop Stores. Livestock floors. Raft foundations. Pumped applications.

Our P280 Air Entrained – equivalent to – C30-C35

This has been specially designed for areas exposed to the elements: driveways, pathways and hard-standing. Durability frost proofing and reduces the risk of cracking. Easier to work.

P320 – equivalent to – C35 – C40 and RC35 – RC40

This is used for Stable floors. Silage Clamps. Grain stores. Milking Parlours. Heavy industrial applications.


Traditional semi-dry screed for internal finished floors. A mix of course sand, cement, and retarder. Fibres can be added on request.
Allow 1mm a day drying time.

The retarder included allows up to 6 hours maximum depending on external temperatures.

Please note this is a unique product that needs a professional plasterer or floor screed specialist to lay. It is not suitable for DIY. Please make sure you take the proper advice before using this product.

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